The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Listen Within For Creative Inspiration with Sculptress Mixed-Media Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter

December 30, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 85
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Listen Within For Creative Inspiration with Sculptress Mixed-Media Artist Molly Sanger Carpenter
Show Notes

In this episode, sculptress and mixed-media artist Molly Sanger Carpenter shares her process of listening. She starts with a sketch but listens to her inner self throughout the process and lets the image unwind. The sculptress uses oil-based modeling clay to create a latex rubber mold for her delightful frames. She often reuses her molds with different subject matter and has made over 30 unique molds. She completes each frame with unique mosaic and painted features. 

CJ and Molly discuss how every artist has strengths in certain senses, whether audial, visual, or kinesthetic. While each of us is unique in this aspect, learning to trust the process and believe in the magic by listening to what's happening inside you as you create is essential. 

As a Quaker, Molly has learned to “listen to the inner light" in the art studio. Another pillar of her faith is seeing God in others. She believes God is within everyone, no matter who they are. 

CJ "sees God in everyone" or sees love in everyone instead. He shares his recent experience at JFK Airport, where he projected love onto every passing person. He encourages his listeners to try this practice the next time they are in public. 

CJ and Molly refer to Elizabeth Gilbert's "Big Magic" and the concept of a creative muse. When we follow the guidance of this inner Muse, we receive endless amounts of creative inspiration. We learn to listen to the creative impulse and get our ego out of the way.  

Molly recognizes that many artists are connected to where they are when they paint. She calls this a "sense of place." Is it necessary for your work to communicate that place when appealing to your client base? According to Molly, there is nothing inherently wrong with your work, whether it conveys a sense of place or not, but exhibiting it in the right place is vital. 

CJ classifies Molly's work as "Whimsical Romanticism," noting that it does reflect her place in Southern New Jersey: immense skies, sunsets, and wide-open spaces.  

The podcast concludes when CJ and Molly agree that artists reach people and can choose to "Be Love" for others. 

Molly Sanger Carpenter works from her Salem, NJ, farmhouse studio. Trained in classical sculpture techniques and materials, she now often incorporates elements of mixed media to create her artworks. Her current focus is creating "fine and unusual" art icons, combining sculpture, glass, paint, and 24k gold elements. 

Molly has her work in many galleries on the East Coast. Molly has been featured in exhibitions throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond over a decorated 40-year career, including many galleries and venues in Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and NYC. She has an upcoming show in Traverse City, Michigan, in the Higher Art Gallery. 

For more information on Molly, visit She can also be found on Instagram by searching for @mollyscarpenter. 

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