The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Expand Your Belief and Create What You Desire

December 11, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 84
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Expand Your Belief and Create What You Desire
Show Notes

There is a force behind all things, and Chris calls it Creative Intelligence. He sees this force most clearly in the natural world, where an abundance of plant and animal life continues to increase and multiply. He shares that to practice creativity, we must first form a belief. We must believe that what we desire is possible. Then, we must continue to expand the boundaries of that belief to experience greater and greater creativity. 

He shares how this process worked for him in 2023, when he left a secure corporate position to pursue his art, speaking, and teaching practice. Chris discusses his most recent experience going beyond his edge of belief by participating in a pop-up art show in Dallas. His installation fees were higher than expected, throwing him into a fear spiral. He began to question his belief in Creative Intelligence.

As artists, we must have faith and belief by stepping out and trying new things. Are there things beyond your comfort zone? Is the idea of that goal pushing beyond your belief? Do you really believe? 

What to you do when you challenge the edge of your belief? Write down your desire.  When we set our desires, we attract countless possibilities. 

Then, review your life history and check all of the times you stepped beyond your comfort zone and were met with success. Write down at least ten things. These are miracles that occurred in your life. 

Shore up your belief and support it with previous success. Everything you have achieved came from a creative desire and was answered by Creative Intelligence.

Next, list what you can believe in. Start small and create a possibility list. If I can believe this, then maybe, just maybe, I can believe that. 

As you go into the new year, expand your belief. Finally, see yourself achieving what you desire in your mind's eye.  

Trust that Creative Intelligence will deliver. For more information, visit CJ's book, "The Spiritual Artist,” is available on Amazon.