The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Turn Away From Negative Emotions and Create Art With Love with Alex Cook

November 30, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 83
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Turn Away From Negative Emotions and Create Art With Love with Alex Cook
Show Notes

Podcast host CJMiller invites Muralist and Multi-disciplinary Artist Alex Cook to return to the show to discuss his "Your Are Loved" mural ministry and share his thoughts on empowering emotions. 

Alex recently completed a newly commissioned 11' by 55' mural in Downtown Dallas' Thanksgiving Square with a slightly altered message of "Love People." The Thanksgiving Foundation's mission is to come together on common ground to negotiate differences and create understanding and appreciation of our diversity.

Alex shares his technique of geometric painting that explores color, line, and pattern on a large scale. He chooses to simplify letters into geometric shapes and notes that we, as a culture, agree that certain curves and lines have meaning. He explains that murals give a community a way to express their beliefs. 

Alex doesn't choose to control the creative process; it's about letting in new ideas. He doesn't push himself out of his comfort zone but pursues what interests him passionately. 

Alex has created a mural ministry to promote the concept of "You Are Loved." Alex believes that when people feel loved, it makes a difference. His murals are present in 24 states, and his goal is to have one in every state. 

The artist shares how a passerby was affected by his message and tries to decide if she should forgive someone. The statement triggered her reflection. Alex believes it is the artist's job to be available and answer these questions. 

According to Alex, we focus too much on negativity and don't notice the childlike positivity many people exhibit daily. He believes that we can create a culture where it is safe to love. 

The podcast ends with CJ questioning the role of emotions in the creative process. According to Alex, we are more profound beings than our emotions. Feelings can lead us to a deeper place, but sometimes they can block us. Sometimes, he chooses to abandon what he feels is in service to his greater desire to make good art. 

We navigate the wilderness with our eyes on Spirit, and the Northstar is love. 

Alex Cook is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Boston, MA. Since 1997, he has created over 240 murals in 22 states and six countries. In 2014, he made the YOU ARE LOVED Mural Project. He has written and recorded six albums of original songs and performs around the US. He recently released a book, "You Are Loved, Spiritual and Creative Adventures, A Memoir". He is an avid basketball player and collector of art books. For more information, you can follow Alex on Instagram @stonebalanceart or visit his website