The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Art Nurtures Our Soul: Print Maker Artist Julie Sola Creates Her Art from Joy

October 21, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 81
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Art Nurtures Our Soul: Print Maker Artist Julie Sola Creates Her Art from Joy
Show Notes

CJMiller podcaster sits down with Las Vegas, New Mexico, Print Maker and Artist Julie Sola to discuss the importance of working from within and focusing on what excites you. Julie sells her work at several markets, including the Santa Fe Railyard Artisan Market. 

Drawing on early childhood memories of her grandparents and Mexican culture, she focuses on whimsical images of animals. Owner of Fat Crow Press, Julie Sola shares how her work tells a story.  Her business, aptly named Fat Crow Press, is based on crows because she feels that crows are loud, noisy, and demanding. According to Julie, crows ask us to get a grip and move on.  

CJ and Julie discuss the importance of creating what makes you happy and interest you. Julie doesn't worry about trends; she focuses on what comes from her heart.  "If I like it and it brings me joy, there has to be others that resonate with it," she said. 

Based on her Mexican heritage, Julie likes to use animals to convey a story, and it is up to the reader to determine what they are seeing.  Julie enjoys creating a narrative with her work driven by imagery rather than words. She has two books available via most bookstores and Amazon, "Run Fast, Milo!" and "Possum Dreams." 

Chris reminds the listeners to view abundance in many ways, not just financial. There's an abundance of time, flexibility, friends, health, choice, and more. 

Julie lives by Abraham Maslow's phrase, "You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety." 

We all have moments, like oh, it wasn't a good day at the market, but you have to be brave and keep moving. We are artists for the rest of our lives. Julie shares her new obsession, "RoadRunners," and explains that her process starts with an idea that she sketches, draws onto linoleum, and then prints. Her work seems to develop a touch of whimsy as her process evolves. 

Julie and CJ discuss the PBS Series Craft in America. The show highlights the maker community throughout America and the importance of taking pride in your culture and learning a craft. 

"I'm in love with what I'm doing, so I'm going to keep going," she said. 

For more information or to purchase her work, visit For more details of CJ’s work, visit His book, "The Spiritual Artist,” is available on Amazon.