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Be Wholly Creative Through Grace with Spiritual Drag Artist B0NNi33 Vi0L3T

September 03, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 77
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Be Wholly Creative Through Grace with Spiritual Drag Artist B0NNi33 Vi0L3T
Show Notes

Trans femme, genderqueer spiritual drag artist Bonnie Violet shares how the creative process out pictures in her drag performances and speaking engagements. She has learned to lean into Grace to expand her role as an artist and let her inner child out.  

As a child, she was constantly told that she was not masculine enough or big enough by her father, but drag lets her lean in and embrace her femineity. She explains how today's gay, lesbian, biracial, and trans stereotypes limit our full creative expression. Our relationship to how we see ourselves impacts how we approach our lives.  

"When you see me, if you only see a trans person, then you don't see me," she said. "There's more to me than that."  

Bonnie Violet shares her definition of grace. When we recognize our grace, we realize that we are already worthy. We don't practice creativity to make ourselves whole; we are creative just because.  

She explains how grace has expanded her view of life. She uses the definition of a White House as a metaphor. When a 10-year-old defines the term "White House," it differs from that of a 40-year-old. Our understanding of what "a white house" means enlarges. We can lean into our knowledge.  

Bonnie has learned to embrace herself wholeheartedly and continues to reveal parts of her that were always there; that is the gift of being a queer, trans, drag artist. She has the opportunity to push limits and boundaries.  

Grace puts God back into her life. Bonnie Violet explains that she gets to be part of her creation. She is a co-creator with the creator and has agency. Her creator is always with her.  

Bonnie ends the interview by reminding the listener that art helps us stop long enough to be present with ourselves. She has chosen to lace her narrative with a spiritual threat and enjoys teaching that process to others.  

Bonnie Violet is a trans femme genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain. She is a YouTuber & Host of a queer chaplain podcast with such series as Drag & Spirituality, TranSpirit & Faith Leaders.   

She co-hosts Splintered Grace with her conservative Christian aunt & At the CCC recovery podcast.   

Creator and founder of Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS (a.l.p.ha.), the annual Drag & Spirituality Summit.  

Bonnie Violet shares her experience, strength, and hope with HIV for 24 years, recovering from drugs, alcohol, and sexual assault, among other things, for 14 years in classrooms, community centers, churches, online, and pretty much anywhere else she is invited.  

 As a queer chaplain, she is present with people in death and dying to self by helping to lace one's narrative with a spiritual thread to remind one of their resilience, strengthen faith in self, create serenity in the now, and instill hope for their future. 

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