The Spiritual Artist Podcast

Love is All There is with Intuitive Irish Artist Iseult McCormack

August 10, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 2 Episode 74
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Love is All There is with Intuitive Irish Artist Iseult McCormack
Show Notes

Podcast host Christopher Miller sits with Irish Mixed Media Artist Iseult McCormack to discuss her upcoming solo show, "When I Close My Eyes." 

Iseult paints intuitively, drawing inspiration from the universe of her dreams and emotions. Her work explores the interplay between chaos and harmony while inviting viewers to connect and find their meaning in each piece. 

The artist believes in practicing the presence of love when she is in a flow state. Iseult shares her disappointment with overly planned paintings. Instead, she chooses to practice emotional presence when painting her spontaneous work.

In recent years, Iseult learned to stop trying to please others, let go and allow herself to make mistakes. As a Spiritual Artist, she listens to her intuitive voice, co-creates with some sort of higher power, and relishes being in that warm, comfortable place of connection. Iseult often uses writing to jump-start a blank canvas and is fearless in making big moves. 

She quotes writer Madalyn Beck, "Start over, my darling, be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself how you're always meant to." 

She ends the interview by reminding the listener to "notice what you noticed" and be a mindful creative artist.  

Iseult (E-sul-t) McCormack is an intuitive abstract artist from Bray, County Wicklow, working in mixed media. Iseult has delved into numerous mediums and traversed many creative paths, leading her to a place of profound peace and fulfillment. Within this realm, she thrives, translating her innermost visions onto canvas and inviting viewers into the ethereal landscapes of her dreams. 

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