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Dealing With Criticism of Your Art and Other Life Lessons With Glass Artist Amy Voss

May 19, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 67
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Dealing With Criticism of Your Art and Other Life Lessons With Glass Artist Amy Voss
Show Notes

Dallas Glass Artist Amy Voss shares her process for making glass sculptures from damaged guitars, dealing with criticism of your art, and other essential life lessons. 

Amy was passionate about music and was attracted to creating art from old guitars. She explains that she avoids huge grout lines by cutting precise glass and using Frit and gold leaf gilding. She doesn't use resin on the entire face of the guitar because it creates a manufactured look; she prefers leaving a raw, organic look to her glass sculpture. 

During the interview, Amy and Chris discussed the importance of being present while working and spending the appropriate amount of time. According to Amy, you enjoy the process for what it is, or you shouldn't be doing it. Ourr art comes from a place that is personal to the artist. What's important about your art is your experience when you make it. 

Amy and Chris discuss stepping out in embarrassment. Amy often stands anonymously by her work during a show while listening to the viewers' comments. 

Amy encourages artists not to respond to negative criticism. She needed her life experiences to learn how to let things go. Get to a point when you have zero fucks to give. Surround yourself with people that do get you. Take the good with the bad, and don't take it personally. Sometimes making your point and making yourself heard happens by being silent. 

You cannot separate personal growth from creativity. According to Amy, life imitates art. The more confidence you have in your work, the better your work is going to be. 

Amy grew up in Houston, TX, and graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. After graduating college, Amy worked in the entertainment industry as Southwest Promotions Director for Lyric Street Records, Affiliate Relations Director for ESPN Radio and ABC Television network.  

A self-taught artist, Amy experimented with various approaches before she landed on her signature style: One-of-a-kind glass sculptures that incorporate the body of an acoustic guitar as the canvas. 

In 2009, she launched glass Axes to sell bespoke works and educate customers about her process. Many of Amy's guitar sculptures have been acquired by private collectors, including entertainer Katy Perry and renowned entertainment industry execs, hotels, and restaurants. She is currently represented in Europe by Hiren Kothari of Gallery Privé. Amy currently resides in Dallas with her husband and son. 

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