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Walking a Sacred Path: Dorayne Breedlove Shares Her Labyrinth Process

March 21, 2023 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 61
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
Walking a Sacred Path: Dorayne Breedlove Shares Her Labyrinth Process
Show Notes

Dorayne Breedlove is a storyteller, musician, artist, spiritual mentor, and teacher who leads drum circles and sacred circle dances. In this episode, she focuses on the practice of a labyrinth walk. 

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is not designed with choices. There is one path that twists and winds your way to the center of the circular maze. That same path is followed to exit. According to Breedlove, a labyrinth walk is a spiritual walk that serves as a metaphor for life; there are a lot of twists and turns—the challenge is to stay present. 

Dorayne currently mentors children in a private learning association called The Pride. She provides project-based learning to these students and explains how she and her partner, Doug, instructed them to build a labyrinth near Austin, Texas. By entering a cycle in the middle of the location and using a long, marked rope in a compass-like manner, the group moved native rocks to define the path. 

The conversation includes a mention of Lauren Artress's book called "Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice.  

Dorayne’s process starts with centering and connection. She sets an intention, whether to feel peace, process emotion, or gain insight about some life situation. 

Dorayne uses the inward journey for RELEASE. While walking this portion of the path, she releases judgment, control, negative feelings, fear, and shoulds. She creates space to receive. 

Once in the center, she RECEIVES impressions, guidance, insights, and intuitions. 

After leaving the center, she RETURNS with gratitude, reflection, and thoughts of integration. 

The podcast concludes with Dorayne sharing her enlightening thoughts from a recent walk. To find a labyrinth near you, visit You can download a practice sheet on the Practice Guides subpage of 

For more information on Dorayne's programs for people to connect within and with others to feel love, support, reverence, and relatedness, visit