The Spiritual Artist Podcast

How You Think Affects Your Artistry with Violinist Jennifer Roig-Francoli

January 07, 2024 Christopher J. Miller Season 3 Episode 86
The Spiritual Artist Podcast
How You Think Affects Your Artistry with Violinist Jennifer Roig-Francoli
Show Notes

In this podcast, Chris and Jennifer Roig Francoli discuss her new book, "Make Great Music with Ease! The Secret to Smarter Practice, Confident Performance, and Living a Happier Life." The book is now available on Amazon. Jennifer Roig-Francolí is a prize-winning violinist, certified Alexander Technique teacher, and creator of The Art of Freedom® Method for conscious living and masterful artistry. 

Jennifer and Chris share the importance of the body when creating music and art. Jennifer shares how she overcame her mind/body split caused by her upbringing through a traditional religion, which denied the body. She unconsciously believed that the mind was more important than the body, but now she knows that is entirely wrong. We are one undivided self: mind, body, and spirit. 

How does the body come into play? According to Jennifer, what is happening in the body correlates with what is occurring mentally and emotionally inside of us. You must get to the source of the problem, which is how you think. When we have thoughts of judgment, fear, or anxiety, it affects our bodies. As children, we often develop fears of the creative process. When we introduce anxiety or fear into the equation, it is translated as tension in our body. It reveals itself in our artistry when we grip our bodies or grind our teeth. 

According to Jennifer, art is a minimalist process, a subtractive technique. When you get all the excess stuff out of the way and leave only you, you allow the ideas to come through you. They will be shaped by the container that you are in. When musicians play, it is never the same way twice. 

Jennifer emphasizes the importance of recognizing that you don't know what is coming through you, but you are open to discovering it. Her process involves the whole self, mind, body, and spirit. If we do not examine our whole selves, then unpleasant habits creep in. 

She emphasizes the importance of being carefree instead of being too careful or careless. It is the middle space where we find our freedom. Jennifer reviews her "Art of Freedom Method," which has five life pillars: purpose, mind, body, spirit, and artistry. 

She describes this as a conscious awareness or being the witness to ourselves. It's about being present with curiosity. Jennifer and Chris agree that the creative process involves letting oneself become an instrument of something more significant than our little self. Jennifer reminds the listener that we become open to experiencing our artistry when curious and aware.  

For more information on Jennifer, visit her Facebook community or her website at Her unique and inspiring online coaching programs empower musicians of all kinds to break through personal blockages to healing, joy, and musical success.